FUTABA R314SB 2.4GHz T-FHSS Receiver for 4PX 4PXR 4PLS Remote Controller

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Product use

Suitable for the following FUTABA remote controller: 4PLS-4PX-4PXR-4pv-4grs remote controller

Product characteristics

The reaction rate is 30% faster than R304SB and needs to cooperate with 4PX-R 1.3J software (announced by the manufacturer)

The latest R314SB receiver, compared with the R304SB receiver, greatly improves the reception speed and supports 4PX 4PXR 4PLS remote control.

Product Specification Parameters

Specification size: 35.7x23.3x12.4mm

Weight: 6.7g

Working voltage: 4.8-7.4V

Frequency matching method: the remote controller is turned off in T-FHSS mode, the receiver is powered on, the stamp button flickers to the red light. At this time, turn on the remote controller, and wait for the receiver lamp to turn green, then the frequency matching is good!

Product use

Suitable for Futaba 4PX 4PXR 4PLS 4PV 3V 7PX remote controller can be used (not in the description of remote control is not suitable for use) Suitable for tram use

Receiver CH1 channel plug-in steering gear.

Receiver CH2 channel plug-in adjustment-throttle steering gear.

Receiver CH3-4 channel can plug in radiator fan, lamp set, MYLAPS circle counter, etc.

The edge of the receiver housing is negative (-) corresponding to the black or brown of the steering line and inserted by the edge.

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